“Thanks so much, I got the program, and while I haven’t lost much weight yet, I am AWAKE! ha ha and my TSH in two weeks quitting coffee and starting green tea and thyroid supplements has gone from 4.08 down to 2.4. I feel so much better that I have been able to start walking my dog again (I was literally too tired before).

I am going to start the cleansing fast Day after thanksgiving (I was too tired to do more than one step at a time until now), and I can’t wait to see even more dramatic results!

I also appreciate the updates and newsletters

Well worth the money………..like you said , I just would have spent it on something else anyway!

Cathy Soda

Georgia, USA


“I am 38 years old, and was diagnosed last year with subclinical Hashimoto’s disease–not yet so bad as to require hormone therapy, but suffering lots of the symptoms such as fatigue, low moods, heavy menstruation and weight gain.

From the first week on [after trying The Hypothyroidism Solution], I have had a noticeable improvement in my energy levels and moods, and in five weeks I have lost 4 kilos (9 pounds).”

Janine Campbell

Puerto Varas, Chilli


“This is a mine of information. The beginning describes the functioning and malfunctioning of the thyroid so clearly that for the first time I understood what was going on. It helped me enormously.”

“Thank you, Duncan!”

Lynette Rodwell

Barnet, London, U.K.


I was a bit unsure, and was hesitating but within an hour my husband had signed me up.

And within minutes he started to down load the book, it was as easy as that. He even went into work and printed it all off, and got me a folder to put it all in to it make it easier for me to sit down and relax and read it at my own pace.

So I sat down and over a few days I had read it, and made a list of foods to avoid, and foods that I could eat, that I stuck on the fridge door in the kitchen, then I went shopping.

I think I started the detox about four days after joining up.

I’ve never looked back since. I feel so much healthier, I’m not tired anymore, I’m eating better, don’t feel bloated or stressed. My skin is not dry. My joints don’t hurt as much. It’s surprising what you can do with the correct information explained to you right. I could never understand why I could not lose weight. I even spent 6 months at the gym, going everyday doing two hours each time and still could not lose the weight.

Now I’m on day 34 of the hypothyrodism solution, I’ve lost 8.5 kgs, dropped a couple of dress sizes, and now feel good, sleep better and have heaps of energy.

I’ve even come off my levothyrozine tablets and now just take liver cleanse tablets, multivitamin which has selenium in and tyrosine tablets, and lastly iodine tablets.

I can find nothing wrong with the hypothyrodism solution, it has changed me, I just feel so good all the time. I’m going to keep going with this. I’m losing weight. I’m healthy and I’m just so happy in myself.

I would highly recommend this to everyone who suffers with hypothyroidism. It would definitely change a lot of people’s health and make a lot of people happy. It did with me, and I was not sure what to expect when my husband signed me up.

Duncan you are great. You’ve definitely done your research and should be proud of yourself for making me and other people so happy.

Thank you so much.

Carol Harrison

Wellington, New Zealand


I did have pretty good health even though I do have a sluggish liver.

The only hesitation I had was using my credit card on line.

I have enjoyed reading your book, I have printed out a copy and put into a folder for easy reference.

I notice about a week after starting the vitamins that my mind was not so fuzzy, I was happier and now I have been told that I am like my old self again, my mind is much clearer and just to be able to think is so great, I still do have an off day but, hey so do most people.

When I got overtired my heart raced and even that has stopped now. I have thrown off a cold and a sore throat in a couple of days which is so good for me as for the last two years I have had a bad flu, the doctor had me on two very strong medicine and as a result my thyroid count dropped quite a lot. So I can’t take strong medicines or take cough medicine as it contains iodine.

I do read your newsletters but if I took everything that I need I would be always popping a pill. How good would it be to have everything that you need in one or two pills. I did try the natural thyroid medicine from pigs but found that I had worse symptoms from taking it that worrying me more so I went back to thyroxine. I still take the medicine from the doctors which is 125gm.

Everything was easy to down load, to use and understand. Would I recommend this information to other people – my word I would.

I have been to the doctors for my 6 monthly check the Dr was impressed my blood pressure has never been so good and my blood test was spot on not the low or the high side of normal but spot on perfect.

For all this I want to thank you.

So Thank You Duncan

Tracy Jackson

Mudgee, NSW, Australia


I would just like to say that I am using some of the recommended vitamins and herbs from stage one of the suggested programme and I have seen great results in just 3 weeks. I didn’t do the detox phase as I know I could never stick to it, so I hope it was ok to skip it.

I definitely have more energy and my body doesn’t ache as much anymore. The thyroid meds didn’t really solve many of my problems, but combined with your suggestion I am doing much better.

I still have some days of depression, so I have added some extra items such as fish oil recently.

The swelling in my face is going away, the itchy skin is much better and my weight is starting to reduce again. I have started exercise as I have more energy again.

My attitude is more positive and my life is going through some changes.

Was the best investment I have made for years.


Janet Daish


I have been suffering from a really messed up endocrine for many years. I took various medication along the way.

My thyroid became worse late 2008 and I was given Female Balance from Symmetry and Thyroid Rx from Natural Health Labs. I prefer the natural way. Last November I became extremely worse and I thought that I was going insane. My immune system dropped and I was ill all through December into the new year.

I decided that I needed to do something drastic with my health, because all my tests and doctors medication was not working and I was unable to function in my daily life.

So I went to the net and found your ebook. I had 95% of the symptoms stated. So I said I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying your formula.

I was already taking many of your recommended products but at much lower dosage.

I had no problems ordering, downloading, reading or understanding your ebook.

I still have not gone on your diet but have gotten great results.

Most of my symptoms are gone or reduced.

I am getting my life back.

No more body pains, insomnia is gone, choking feeling gone, weight is slowly reducing, depression is under control, liver is detoxified and my immune system is boosted. I feel great!!

I have already recommended your ebook to people.

Thanks for your help.

Sharan Abdul

Trinidad, Caribbean


Since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and prior to discovering your site on the internet, I was beginning to despair. 18 months ago, I underwent a hip replacement, followed by the other hip five weeks after the first operation.

I had begun to gain weight quite rapidly a year prior to having my hips operated on and from not exercising because of my hips. Nothing I was doing worked from a dietary perspective.

Previously in years gone by, I had lost 30 kilos on the Liver Cleansing Diet and had kept the greater majority of it off, but this time even that diet didn’t work at all. I was becoming really upset by the fact that I couldn’t shift my weight – my blood sugar level is up (6.4) and my cholesterol was high (7.9) – that has since dropped to 4.5 on medication.

But I plan on kicking the medication and over the next month I plan to bring my blood sugar level down to normal with the help of the hypothyroidism eating plan.

For my hypothyroidism I tried homeopathic medication. That appeared to work but it was costing me close to $100 a month – I simply couldn’t afford to continue. I was given a script for levothyroxine and just reading the potential side effects sent me into a spin. However, I didn’t think I had any alternative.

Then I discovered your book.

I underwent your kick start diet as suggested in your book. In 7 days I lost 3 kilos. I became really energised and am now swimming three mornings a week and doing sit ups and general exercises the other two working days. I give myself a bit of a rest on the weekend, but sometimes go for a walk. At this stage I can’t walk long distances, but that will change as I lose weight. I have 13 kilos to lose – watch this space!!

I really thought your book would be just another one of those books! But I was so wrong and I am so glad I went with my instinct and made the purchase. It is so full of great explanations that make sense – it is that aha! factor that you get when you know something is right and thoughts of “why wasn’t this told to me before”, or “how come the doctor didn’t know that?” etc.

The book was easy to download from your site and the transaction was very simple. I have discovered through this book that my body doesn’t tolerate carbs well – especially simple carbohydrates – and not eating bread has been wonderful for my digestion. I have no more bloating. And eating fruit for breakfast most days just suits my system so well. The program is so simple but has been so illuminating.

The recipe you provide each month in your newsletter is great. What I would like to see is more of those. I wonder if you know how impossible it is to buy a recipe book specifically devoted to hypo or hyperthyroidism. And I love the support line, and have used it three times already.

I heartily recommend your book to everyone who has hypothyroidism, or may be displaying any of the symptoms. It has been a godsend to me. I am turning 60 this year and was beginning to feel like an old lady before I discovered your book. I now feel alive again, ready to take on the world. I have my energy back, I feel positive again and the greatest boon of all – the foggy brain feeling has gone! Yay.

Thank you Duncan, thank you for giving me my life back.


Surrey, B.C. Canada


I was first told I had Hashimoto’s about 5 years ago and all I was ever given was thyroxine to treat it. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who didn’t respond overly well to the thyroxine and I found myself getting bigger and bigger.

In the mean time, I found myself getting further and further distressed. My overall health was rapidly failing. I was retaining fluid like never before and never before had I seen my feet and ankles so swollen. I could hardly walk down the street without being so out of breath. I honestly thought that if I didn’t do something soon, I would surely have a heart attack and die. This thought echoed daily in my head.

My mother was the one to find the link to your hypothyroidism solution and she sent it to me to review. At first paying $42AUD for the book online for something I could not validate scared me. Fortunately, another friend of mine looked the program up on a website that shows if the Australian Medical Association approves or acknowledges the treatment – and it did.

So I paid for the book online, printed it out and whilst at work had it bound. I sat down and made a determined effort to read it and did so as far as chapter 7. I quickly determined that the cleansing diet wasn’t going to harm me (it wasn’t that different to what I was eating except for the dairy).

During the first week I found I was very tired and happily slept the first couple of days. After the first week, I noticed an improvement in my stamina and when I went to the toilet noticed unidentifiable “things” in the stool and floating in the water! After 2 weeks I noticed my tummy had gone down and after the month – I had no problem walking from one end of town to another. Because I was a much bigger woman, I ate a little more chicken and fish than what the diet stipulated but not overly much more.

I also found that massage helped. I would go once a week to my masseuse who would do “lymphatic drainage” massage on my stomach. This helped to move the blockages to the bowel which I never knew I had and also helped to reduce the appearance of having an orange peel for skin over the tummy area.

I am now basically eating in a similar fashion but have included some red meat every 3days.

To date I have noticed that my tummy – which was once a huge rounded solid mass, is now pliable and actually dents in when I sit up. My movement and energy levels are much improved and whilst I have not gotten 100% rid of the swollen feet (angio adema) they are noticeably less swollen than before. I can only hope this will improve over time.

I found the book easy to read, the humour with which it was written clearly translated for me. I would recommend the book and have done so already. I also would recommend people consider some massage as part of this.

I never went the organic route but I did drink bottled water where and when I could. I found a good 1.5ltrs per day helped ease the bowel motions and when you get sick of so much water, I recommend squeezing some lemon juice or orange juice in the water.

Believe me, I’m the first to acknowledge the aversion to scales, but do take the time to measure and write down your waste measurements, your neck measurements, wrist measurement, thigh measurements and chest measurements. I think you will be nicely surprised after the first month!

It is only the first 5 weeks – the above is my account and obviously may differ from other peoples experiences. I never suffered badly from depression even before I started this and was easily able to tackle the diet – though I did find one needs a good variety of vegetables and fruit to help reduce the effects of craving something sweet.

Thank you for developing this. I sincerely hope it continues to improve my health and hope you are able to get the doctors to recognise the benefits from undertaking this solution.


Brisbane, Australia


I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in early 2007. I had been prescribed up to 150mcg Levothyroxine daily.

Prior to finding the Hypothyroidism Solution on the internet I was getting pretty desperate. All the usual hypothyroidism/Levothyroxine symptoms with very black moods and horrible itchy skin and severe loss of libido, plus although taking regular exercise I put on too much weight. I am 5’10” and went up to 15 and a half stones).

The only help I got from my doctor was some skin cream and more Levothyroxine. I scanned the net for help and stumbled over the Hypothyroidism Solution. I am no computer expert and I found the documents very easy to down load and print. I had no hesitation in purchasing the course or starting it straight away. As I said, I was desperate and needed to do something. I was sure that my doctor didn’t have an answer or solution.

I commenced the detox program on 05/02/10. The first two or three days were a little uncomfortable – feeling drained and washed out. It was well worth sticking with because things soon improved and I began to feel brighter.

I have been on phase one for about four weeks. With the support of my very understanding wife I have stuck religiously to the diet, nutrients and herbal medicine regime that you recommend. Although, I have changed my diet completely I never feel hungry and although some things are a little more expensive to buy the end results are worth every penny.

Since I started the program I have already lost an incredible 1 and half stones. I feel much better with much more energy. I am not sure whether it is the program or the knowledge that I am at last doing something positive that has helped to lift my black moods. My libido hasn’t returned yet, but it is very early and I am sure that if things keep improving as they are, my luck may change in that department.

As I mentioned, I have always taken regular exercise, I visit the gym for some general fitness training about three times a week. As a result of having more energy I feel I am now getting more benefit from my exercise regime.

I am very glad that I found the Hypothyroidism Solution, it has changed my life in a very short period of time. I would not hesitate to recommend it to any other sufferer. Levothyroxine is not a solution!


Devon, UK


I have been diagnosed to have the Hashimoto disease about four years ago but was told that I have probably had it most of my life.

I was prescribed hormone medication which I have been taking ever since, consequently I have lost around 18 Kgs, the muscle pain, constipation and many other symptoms disappeared and I began to feel much better.

But… I have never been happy about the amount of ‘chemicals’ that I have been putting into my system, and started researching on the Internet for alternative solution. I thus came across your website, and immediately ordered the book which I read with great interest.

I managed to purchase the vitamin supplements and herbal medication from my pharmacy who is very big on natural medication.

To date, following their advice I have reduced the dose of Novothyral and have been following the advice in your book as well as the natural medication you recommended. I have seen my medical practitioner today, as a matter of fact, and together we decided that in about two weeks I will have another blood test and we’ll take it from there.

I have 100% confidence in your method and the only reason I did not go ahead with it ‘cold turkey’ is that my thyroids are non active at all and since I work full time and get very tired if I do not take the medication I therefore try to do it gradually until I go on vacation at which time I will stop Novothyral altogether and remain with your method only.

My pharmacist told me that he has got client who have never taken hormones but followed a diet and natural supplements and are very pleased with the result.

For the time being I walk on a regular basis, keep to a non-gluten diet (which by the way makes me feel a lot better, I feel really bad when I do eat bread for example) as well as no lactose diet, I meditate and in short can say I am not 100% there yet, but am certainly on the right track and would like to thank you for leading me in the right direction.

As far as recommending your method and book, I have already done so and will continue to do so since I sincerely believe in your method.

Thank you for your support and emails.

Ariela Hakim

Geneva, Switzerland


I found my way to the Hypothyroidism solution via the Internet and my personal trainer researching it for me.

I bought the ebook and I thought it very simple to read and understand. I have Hashimotos and have been on thyroxine for about 3 years I was advised by a friend to see a hormonal Dr which I did. He found I had Hashimotos so I am now on the Pig Thyroid … this has been 3 months.

I started the 9 day cleanse and really enjoyed it having done detox in the past this was by far the best.

I went to see a Naturopath with a list of vitamins I needed, I talked to her about what I was doing and she was on board all the way. This was 5 weeks ago I must say after the 9 days I felt fantastic but have really struggled with the diet from then on.

I have bought gluten free cereal and this has been fine. It has completely changed my way of eating. I train hard weight training and some cardio, so the things I would normally have had in my diet I have had to stop ie. protein drinks, bars, nuts, dairy – I have found this really difficult.

I went back to the Dr yesterday with new blood results some things have changed for the better some had stayed the same. I went to see my Naturopath today with the results and we have added new things from the book and some other things. So far for me this has been a positive move I have years of things that need to be put right and we are now on that right path.

So thank you Duncan for taking the time to research this.

April Christian

Queensland, Australia


I have been unwell for over 12 months. I was prescribed oroxine to treat my hypothyroidism. I didn’t like the idea of being on prescription drugs and chose Armour Thyroid for a more natural approach, but unfortunately this had an allergic reaction with my skin and I had worse than ever symptoms of itchy skin.

Since downloading your Ebook and adapting the recommendations with diet and herbs and vitamins, I feel fantastic. My skin is fresher looking. I have more vitality and my itchy skin is no longer a problem. I exercise for at least 45mins everyday and together with the diet have lost several kilograms.

I no longer feel anxious and am able to have a good night’s sleep which is something that I have not been able to do for a long time.

Your E book was easy to download and easy to understand. I am so pleased that I stumbled upon your web site.


Melbourne, Australia


Initially I went to my doctor around June 09 thinking I had a faulty ticker. Though he did ask straight up if there was thyroid problems in the family, and no there aren’t.

My symptoms were heart palpitations 70% of the day, excruciating period pain for the first time ever, memory loss, vision weakness & shortness of breath. All of these symptoms came on very quickly.

My 1st blood test showed a very over active thyroid, doc gave me script for drugs. At the time, we concluded that stress and grief had been the cause for me. I had just lost my 2 kids [dogs] 2 weeks apart. I had also been taking for approx. 2 months before 4 drops of Magnasent iodine daily.

I reduced this to 1 drop daily and have stayed at that. I also took homeopathic remedy for grief.

My 2nd test in August TSH 7mU/L, T3 3.7, T4 8.

3rd test in October: TSH 6mU/L, T3 4.4, T4 10.

As you can see there is an improvement. Doc knew I hadn’t been taking the drugs and he had no problem with me doing whatever naturally so long as I’m improving. He’s given me 2 months before next test.

I purchased your book around September and immediately added some extra nutritional supplements you suggested. I did the detox and have continued with nutritional suggestions. Though food wasn’t the issue with me, I’m fortunate to live on an organic farm so nearly everything I eat I grow. We also have an organic butcher nearby.

My homeopath friend feels it is all grief, stress related and has made up a constitutional for me. I have also been taking aloe juice 1st in the morning for the last month and boy that’s good stuff, yep I know It tastes like shit but I’ve found one that doesn’t . Aloe Australia in Bundaberg Qld. www.hitechaloe.com

My improvements are quite dramatic. My heart palpitations stopped about 3 days after reducing the iodine, period pain has decreased every month till it’s now back to normal, the memory is still a bit foggy but a lot of that I put down to laziness, vision has improved, and the breathing is all good again.

Most of this rectified itself within a short time and I wonder how much the over use of iodine had to do with it all. I know the added vitamin and minerals had a bearing on my improvement also. I know this is a time thing and I will continue to improve. My goal is to be back to normal by January 2010 when I see the doc next and show him that drugs are not needed if you just treat the cause not the symptoms.

Another huge bearing on my improvement has been the return of my beloved dogs. A new body but an old soul. Yes I do believe in reincarnation.

Being a Bowen therapist myself I’m finding a lot of clients that I now suggest they have a thyroid test next visit to the doc. Sometimes one has to experience something themselves in order to understand it fully and I put this bend in my road as just another learning curve.

I must thank you very much for your book. It was very easy to read and didn’t make me feel like I was doomed to a label or condition for the rest of my life. I can and will move on from this experience. Thank you again, I will keep you posted of my continuing progress.


Great news … got my blood test results yesterday and all’s good. I feel great and the doc is very happy with my results

tsh 4.4
ft4 13
ft3 4.4

He still wants another blood test in 3 months but I’m cool with that.

So once again thank you for your help and information. After all, I did what you suggested and now I’ve reversed what the doctors think is impossible to do.

I will continue to keep an eye on my thyroid and if ever anything changes I will email just to keep you up to date.

Thank you again

Bron Huckle

Highworth, Queensland


I am so grateful to find your site. I was in a bad form taking Thyroid Medicine. Actually they were making me worse. Since I started on your programme with all the important information that I got to know and follow from your eBook I noticed I have lots of energy.

And I lost the last few kilos I needed to lose. I am on vitamins and The Thyroid support you talked about in your info pack. I believe I started to feel better after I did the Cleansing diet. It saved my life … also that’s when I lost the last kilos.

I was on Thyroxin and T3 which I believe in high doses it gave me panic attacks, it was a horrible experience. So after all that I am very careful what to take unless its natural I will not take it and it has to be prescribed by a naturopath that I trust.

I recommend The Hypothyroidism Solution pack and this great information to all those who want to get better without taking medicine and to get into natural herbs that work with your body and will not give you any problems.

Michelle Lye

Bilambil, NSW, Australia


Thank you very much for your program and extra bonuses. I was doing endless research online looking for answers to my condition, trying different supplements and becoming very frustrated. And then one day I found your site which changed my life dramatically (I bought this program straight away because I knew it will give me all necessary information and tools to improve my health).

You saved me a lot of time and money by sharing your knowledge and giving me the chance to try and choose the best. I’ve noticed improvements from first week. The program works as long as I follow it.

This report is easy to order, download and read. I would highly recommend to anyone to order it now without wasting time and money on other products as I did before. I’ve lost two kilos so far, my energy level back to normal so I can be more active and exercise. I have mild underactive thyroid condition which is under control now. My GP is happy with results so I can continue with supplements from your program. I was never on medication before your program apart from kelp or herbal thyroid complex.

Larisa Sirotin

Sydney, NSW, Australia


It has indeed been a few weeks since I purchased and began using the Hypothyroidism Solution, and I am happy to send you some feedback.

I am 38 years old, and was diagnosed last year with subclinical Hashimotos disease; not yet so bad as to require hormone therapy, but suffering lots of the symptoms such as fatigue, low moods, heavy menstruation and weight gain (a steady kilo and a half each year for the last 7 years).

My thyroid was also somewhat enlarged and with many small nodules observable in the scan. My doctor’s recommendation was to look after myself, have regular controls and blood work ups, and try not to be too anxious about the battles I was unlikely to win, such as my weight.

I am a New Zealander who lives in a part of South America where the medical care (when insured) is excellent, but knowledge and availability of natural remedies is nil. Unprocessed food is normal fare, but staples of the diet are bread, meat, dairy products, homemade cakes, strong coffee and (excellent!) red wine.

For a few months I did what my doctor recommended, managing to maintain my hormone and antibody levels over a three month period, but with a lot of (sometimes misdirected) effort, continued weight gain and intolerable fatigue. I have an active job working with teenagers, so I couldn’t afford to continue always being tired.

Finally about six weeks ago, I decided to be more proactive, and began to search for a natural remedy or diet on the Internet to help me with my hypothyroidism. And I ended up at your site.

At first, I was convinced that the diet would be impossible for me, as it is nearly impossible to buy herbal supplements, and I couldn’t imagine a diet without gluten. However, once I realized that potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and rice don’t have gluten, I managed to purchase Echinacea tablets at a local pharmacy, and I found out that I actually liked green tea, I decided to take the plunge. That was five weeks ago.

In Spanish they say SANTO REMEDIO, loosely translate to mean “blessed cure.”

I am following the diet relatively strictly. I took Echinacea for 4 weeks, I have been eating more of all the good foods, and cutting out most of the bad foods, and I feel great. From the first week on I have had a noticeable improvement in my energy levels and moods, and in five weeks I have lost 4 kilos.

I have really only completed the cleanse and a few weeks of the core program, and am about to start hunting through all the out of the way pharmacies to see if I can find some natural support supplements to continue on the new path, but I am thrilled with the results so far. I may have to try to order some supplements off the internet to be able to continue, but if nothing else changes it will have been worth it.

I am intrigued by the link between gluten and hypothyroidism, as the one day I broke my diet (at a student celebration when I ate two pieces of lemon meringue pie), I felt horrible for the next few days (bloating, gas, bowel upset etc.) I hope to be able to find some more information about this, as it would seem that removing gluten from my diet has made a huge improvement to how I am feeling, and of course it raises the possibility in my mind of a gluten intolerance.

My father died young of bowel cancer, and my daughter often complains of a sore stomach, which I now realize could all be connected factors. But well, as I said, I need more information.

So thank you for the information that you and your team have provided me with, and in the hope that my new found lease of life continues.


South Africa


What prompted me to seek information about hypothyroidism was being diagnosed with glaucoma a few months ago. I was doing my own research on the causes of glaucoma and learned from several sources that the “normal pressure” glaucoma that I have is often the result of long-term extreme shortsightedness and wearing strong prescription lenses (which is my situation since about 10 years old).

The other underlying cause mentioned was hypothyroidism which I have been aware that I have had to one degree or another probably most of my life. Doing yoga and taking regular natural supplements seemed to improve the more obvious symptoms over the years (I am now 63 so have been at it since mid thirties).

Having a more sedentary job as a receptionist in the last 6 years and having some nerve damage from lower back disc injury, has seen me having trouble keeping up my exercise regime so this has probably encouraged the hypothyoidism to creep back more.

Anyway, Duncan it’s been a little distracting focussing directly on the hypothyroidism on it’s own as I have had to also look at what can help improve the glaucoma but I’m trying to look at it all together.

I have made a lot of changes to my diet…most of what you recommended, before I even got your book so it was good to know I was on the right track. I’ve drastically reduced sugar intake, stopped drinking coffee and tea, pretty much eliminated wheat and other gluten products (just brown rice which feels good in my body) as well as dairy and added supplements like Nature’s Sunshine Thyroid Activator, Kelp and Korean Ginseng. I’m also taking several supplements for my eyes as well as Usana Essentials.

I’m lucky to have a great alternative doctor who will be doing the blood tests that you recommended. I did take my temperature in the morning over a period of a couple of weeks and discovered it to be low and indicating lower thyroid function. I have stepped up my exercise regime to try to stimulate my thyroid function and improve my fitness level.

So, to summarise, I have found your book very thorough and informative, covering a lot more than just the medical side of it. Your approach is also friendly and relaxed. I appreciate the extra information received in email form as well. I am approaching my situation as a long-term one that I will just be experimenting with and finetuning. So far I have lost some weight (5′ 5 1/2″ 137lbs) and toned up a bit and am feeling overall a little perkier so will just keep going.

Thank you for your help!

Larisa Sirotin

Sydney, NSW, Australia


As you know I downloaded your ebook and read it very very carefully. It made PERFECT SENSE TO ME!!

My health at that time looked like this:

  • chronic, debilitating fatigue
  • horrendous PMT
  • chronic pain in muscles, bones and joints
  • no social life
  • severe depression, anxiety and panic attacks
  • suicidal thoughts
  • terrible memory and mental fog
  • feelings of ‘no way out’
  • almost unable to get through basic daily tasks
  • riddled with guilt and shame
  • sleeping most of the day.

This has been going on in varying degrees of intensity for 5 years and progressively getting worse.

I had seen numerous doctors and of course had been diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis. Whilst on only 50mcg of thyroxine my TSH reading was 1.5 but my antibodies were still at 13000. The doctors would just look at me blankly and basically offer nothing.

Interestingly enough the week after I received your book I had an appointment that I had booked 6 months earlier with one of the top endocronologists in Queensland ( a professor) that was recommended to me by so many people. He is renowned for looking at the whole picture and ‘thinking outside the box”.

He examined me, checked out all of my test results which were very thorough as my g.p works with complementary medicine and had already done all the tests mentioned in your book.

This professor was wonderfully honest when he said to me ” You are a very sick lady and unfortunately the medical field doesn’t have anything to offer you”. At the back of my mind I guess I was hoping for some miraculous diagnosis and treatment from this guy. It was your book and the hope it gave me that stopped me from collapsing into tears of desperation and defeat. He also said “If you can find any alternative treatment for the antibodies attacking your system then go for it”.

That same week I stumbled upon an advertisement in the local rag for a naturopath that I had seen 6 years ago for anxiety and fatigue but who I stopped seeing because I wasn’t prepared to do what he was suggesting. I went back to see him straight away and showed him your book and said I wanted to work together. As I was so incredibly sick I didn’t want to work without the support of a local practitioner.

My Naturopath- Peter read your book (and thought it was excellent by the way!) and thoroughly tested me with vega machine and hemaview, urine etc etc as well as checking out my current blood test results from the doc. I had no idea how fragile my gut was!!

We started with a basic stabilising diet before the heavy gut detox (which I am in now). I would never have believed how much gluten affects the mind and body! Just coming off that made a huge difference but was quite horrendous initially – I was sooooo tired and unwell for weeks after coming off gluten alone. I then came off caffiene, dairy, added sugar, and of course alcohol (I haven’t drunk alcohol for 3 yrs anyway).

He made me up a herbal mix as you suggested and am taking many supplements including all of your suggestions or their equivalent. I think I have one week left on this gut detox then I move to liver and something else – can’t exactly remember.

Anyway this has been only a couple of months and this is how my health looks now:

  • feel amazingly positive about life!
  • depression gone!
  • panic attacks gone!
  • doing ‘scary’ things I haven’t done in over 10 years!!
  • look 100000 better!
  • contacting friends and going out again
  • having sex with my patient husband more often!
  • being a fun, involved Mummy again!
  • sleeping only 1-2 hours during the day
  • excited about my future
  • looking into part time study for next year and hopefully working again the year after
  • no stinging eyes!
  • chronic pain is gone!!
  • going back to the gym (albeit gently)!

I honestly believed I could never feel this well again and I am only halfway there!

One little advertisement from you that popped up as I scoured the internet endlessly for answers was the catalyst to my healing – I will never ever be able to let you know how grateful I am to you for making people like me not feel like there is no hope and not feel like we are making up the dreadful symptoms we experience!

Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this area of health that is effecting millions of people. My decline was definitely stress related and so many others are at risk of their bodies, minds and spirits breaking down in a similar way.

Duncan, Thank you, thank you, thank you

Paula Tait

Brisbane, Australia


Last year I went to the Doctor just for a general check up. The blood tests came back showing slightly raised cholesterol, this surprised me as I’m vegetarian and never had any problems before.

He ordered more tests for 6 months later. I didn’t have them done till about April and they came back with Cholesterol 7 and raised TSH. And I’ve waylaid the results but I think t4 was up as well. Anyway the Doctor said I had a hereditary condition, Hypothyroidism and that was probably the reason for high cholesterol.

I was to start Thyroxine 50 microgrms Daily and would need to be on medication for the rest of my life.

I was pretty unhappy about all this as I’ve always been very anti medication and my general health felt good. I was sleeping well, had plenty of energy. The only symptoms I had were dry itchy skin on feet, lower legs and hands (for which the Dr. had prescribed cortisone cream earlier and it hadn’t worked) And I had put on about 5 klgs.

I took the first thyroxine and then got on the net to do a bit of research. I found your website and downloaded the book and haven’t taken any more thyroxine.

I was excited to read “The Hypothyroidism Solution”. It gave me the ability to take the care of my own health back.

I immediately started on the 9 day cleanse, lost the few extra kgs, and felt really good. Was eating kelp and taking Selenium. I also rang a naturopath and she told me not to take the thyroxine but to start on 1 drop of Lugal Solution in a glass of water daily. She felt this was a powerful boost to the thyroid gland.

So now I’m just back from a 3 week overseas trip where I have let things slip a bit. I still feel good but have put myself back on the 9 day cleanse, green barley in the morning, lugal, selenium, multi vitamins. milk thistle, Zinc and b6 Magnesium. 1 hour exercise a day and plenty of water. Have lost another couple of kgs.

I suppose my big worry is has it all worked? My Doctor when he put me on the thyroxine gave me a pathology form to have done in a few months after taking thyroxine for Fasting cholesterol/TG/HDL.TSH on the slip he’s written Hypothyroidism on Thyroxine.

I’m thinking I’ll go to another Doctor to get the tests done to see if my cholesterol has come down and my thyroid is working better. I also took your advice about the nasty things that flourish and have been eating plenty of thyme and oregano.

Duncan I have found your book really good, easy to follow and it makes a lot of sense. It has given me a guide to follow and I have learnt a lot about my condition that I never could have got from my Doctor.

The indications are that I am better. Have lost all up 7 kilos and the dry itchy skin has all healed. My hands had been dry and cracked and getting infected for about 7 months and there is not a sign of it now. I’m just really looking forward (with a bit of trepidation) to seeing what the next lot of blood tests show.

Pauline Flood

Vermont South, Victoria, Australia


This ebook is a mine of information. The beginning describes the functioning and malfunctioning of the thyroid so clearly that for the first time I understood what was going on.

Duncan has obviously studied his subject in great detail and this married with his clinical successes in healing people with debilitating hypothyroidism gives great value to the information outlined here in this ebook. It helped me enormously.

My interactions with Duncan were very helpful and, to me, he is a sincere and dedicated healer and reading his book comes a close second to benefitting directly from a consultation/s with this skilled Naturopath himself… thank you Duncan!”

Lynette Rodwell

Barnet, London, UK


I just wanted to thank you for your program. The eBook is very easy to order, download and also to read and understand. VERY VERY WELL SET OUT AND EASY TO READ.



I found your program to be very informative and quite easy to follow. The detox was great for me and the online support that you offer was very prompt and very helpful. I am now taking supplements and following a healthy diet and exercising. I feel a lot more energetic and less tired, so l want to say Thank you for passing on such valuable knowledge and guiding me in the right direction.

Lambro Tzagarkis


I purchased your e-book late last year. At the time my levels were high T3and low TSH. After Xmas, I went to the doctor as I had lost 12 kg from my steady 76kg. I am 184cm so I am tall and thin anyway. My concern was that I was losing too much weight.

Since then I have decreased my Whole Thyroid dose from 150 /day to 120/day and now am on 90/day. My blood test after 2 months showed my levels improving but the T3 was still too high. My last blood test on the 90 after 2 months shows my blood levels all just within the acceptable range according to the doctors.

My weight has stopped falling but I have not put any back on.

I am feeling much better, not feeling sleepy with a black cloud descending and having to sleep it off.

Last weekend I started trying to get my diet more structured and now find myself very gaseous. This has not been the case until this last week.

I have been on a fruit breakfast since April 2009. Through summer I had salads for lunch and dinner which mostly were from my garden. I have just started having a starch lunch with vegetable soups (potatoes/kumara/marrow/onion/leeks) and a protein dinner with meat and vegies (carrots and parsnips and spinach).

I am using coconut oil for my face and skin. My daughter tells me my skin looks good but I do get small black spots that are not easily removed.

I have non SLS shampoos and hair colours. Aluminium free deodorant.

I use progesterone cream and Oestrogen cream to try to balance my hormones due to a non -existent libido.

Before I started all of my changes I was suffering from the skin falling off my hands. This reoccurs if I eat the wrong foods, mostly grains. I fall off the diet every so often and give in to temptation which shows through a return to diarrhoea/constipation and/or my hands beginning to shed. I am enjoying my trim body and my appearance. I feel more alert but still find that my memory short circuits!

I have not changed my whole Thyroid dose this 2 months as I am trying the diet more rigorously. I have just ordered online Great Taste No Pain by Sherry Brescia which I hope will help with recipes.

Thanks for your book and the advice given to date. You have helped reduce my intake of Whole Thyroid and feel better.

Robyn Gordon


Even though I have been taking a low dose of synthroid for the past 10 or more years, I still had many symptoms of hypothyroidism. The only thing the synthroid seemed to improve was foggy mind, and a tendency to cry when I couldn’t cope with the basic stresses of life. For a man, these were quite embarrassing, so I tended to be quite reclusive, apart from my job.

I was so desperate to find a solution, since doctor visits involve a 1 minute discussion of blood results, and never questioning me about the effectiveness of the medication. I just didn’t feel that taking one more pill would help.

I started taking a supplement called Thyroid Essentials from Healthy Choice Nutritionals to support the synthroid. I started feeling better, resulting in the diminishing of many of the other symptoms on your list which I still suffered from, even after 10 years of synthroid.

I tried one of the flower essences from Bach, and was amazed that it really did what it claimed it could do. And I take it only when I feel the need for it. A person gets in tune with his body after many years of reacting to different foods, you get to know when it needs something, and when it doesn’t.

I went to our local natural food store to see what products they had to support the thyroid, and was introduced to UMAC Core, which is a marine phytoplankton. The clerk said that she also had hypothyroidism, and as a result of taking this, she went off of her thyroid support altogether. I have now been on this product for over a month, and have not taken the synthroid during that time. I am feeling better now than in the last 30 years. Last year I tried to go off synthroid and just take the supplements, but some of the basic problems related to hypothyroidism reoccurred. UMAC Core really seems to do the job for me.

During my discussion with my doctor, he told me he was going to test my testosterone level, and it was discovered to be low. Low thyroid and low testosterone often coexist. I discovered Brad King’s Ultimate Male Energy and took one capsule, at first once a day, and now maybe once a week as the need for it has diminished.

Insomnia is one of the side effects of synthroid, and I have experienced that chronically ever since I started on the drug. Unfortunately, I still have to deal with this.

Generally, my health is much better! I’ve lost the stomach I used to have. Most of the other lingering symptoms have also disappeared, and I feel that I’ve got my life back.

The report was easy to order and download was instantaneous! It started me on my road to healing.

I would recommend this report because it provides much needed information for hypothyroid sufferers. Not only is the report helpful, but the continued emails with additional information and recommendations I found to be very helpful.

Walter (58)

Ontario, Canada


I was suffering from this devilish disease since 5 years. I got ovarian cysts which popped up time to time even after an operation. Along with this I put on weight; I was 55 kilo but after the operation I got to 83kg. Along with this I got a permanent operation mark on my belly. Its a curse for me as I’m only 24 years old. Yet I tried hard to figure out what exactly I was suffering from?

I used homeopathic medicine and much more but one day my doctor asked me to have a thyroid test. A goitre was found but I was on brink of suicide and practically tried when he said he had no proper medication.

Again, I was looking here and there for help when I accidently visited this website. Now I can say that it is the most beautiful accident of my life. I am again 55kg. I feel as if you have given me a new life. I can’t explain how happy I am now. I just can’t tell you sir … you are an angel. Thank you so much may GOD reward you for this favour.

Asma Liaqat


I’ve suffered from low thyroid for several years now and I’ve had problems with maintaining my (ideal) weight, also fatigue and low energy, and have gone from taking 25mcg of Levothyroxine up to a 125mcg which would’ve probably gone even higher if hadn’t started my newfound diet.

I’ve always supported a natural way to good health and although I was a bit sceptical at first, your book was a revelation to me, so I decided to give it a go (luckily I like to experiment with everything)!

At first, it was really hard, particularly with the cleansing diet, but as I (and many others) noticed the results instantly, I felt more positive and kept going, completely changing my eating habits as well. Over the last few months the core treatment has helped me kick out the tablets(Levothyroxine) and my blood test result was ‘perfect’ (thyroid and cholesterol levels normal). I’ve started losing (pregnancy) weight without much effort and I feel that doing exercise now is not a complete waste of time!

I have to say it’s been really hard giving up some bad eating and drinking habits, like coffee (which I still take once instead of 4 times a day) but I drink more herbal teas as compensation, and I do feel better for it. Also, I think I have more respect for my body now as I think hard before I put something ‘toxic’ into my mouth.

As I live in the UK, Peterborough, it has been a problem to get the nutrients and herbs I needed (at a reasonable price), so I’ve done a little research on the internet and found the Regenerative Nutrition website (www.regenerativenutrition.com) where I get my iodine from (Lugol’s Iodine drops) at a reasonable price + they’re absolutely reliable and professional.

Thank you so much for your help and for believing in your work!


Peterborough, UK


I am 52 years old woman living in Melbourne. I’ve been seriously challenged with my health for around twenty years now and was diagnosed with CFS in 2000. Before that at 21 I had been diagnosed with Graves disease (I knew nothing about health then but knew enough to resist the radioactive iodine that doctors wanted to use on me).

I visited a TCM doctor and with herbs and acupuncture and because I didn’t know better I thought I’d been cured.

I certainly was relieved of the bulk of my symptoms. I suffered bouts of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis on and off over the years. And when I was in my early thirties I was diagnosed as Hypothyroid. This was medicated with Thyroxine, which didn’t work well for me and I ended up under Endocrinologist at the Alfred and was put on a T3 and T4 protocol (which I had researched and requested). This worked much better for me but I still wasn’t well.

As you may imagine I became very interested in health issues and had managed to piece together with my own research a better lifestyle and a better diet for myself. I have visited a lot of medicos and alternative therapists over the years but none (that I visited) were really addressing this except in a token manner. I had my amalgams removed and I am currently on quite a few Bio Identical Hormones (not HRT). All this has helped.

I had just discovered for myself that I was severely heavy metal toxic (and am now undergoing chelation therapy) when I came across your book. And I only wish it had been around 20 years ago!!!! Heavy metal toxicity is so rife and not taken seriously enough and the H.M. detox process seems little understood! Heavy metals impact heavily on the entire endocrine system and I wonder if indeed this is why so many women these days find menopause so difficult.

What really surprised me however were the dietary No No’s for thyroid disease. So even though I had been eating “better” I had still been eating myself sick! Thank you for this very thorough list.

I am now seeing a nutritional MD (a doctor who treats with nutrition – a rare breed indeed) and he has undertaken many of the tests you mention and put me on many of the supplements you suggest. I finally feel much better. I now very much doubt that I ever had CFS. I believe that I have been severely toxic – poisoned if you like (without being dramatic) by the practices of our modern society and my uninformed choices.

So thank you again for your book I have recommended it to friends also challenged with their hormones. It has so much good clear information all in one place. Well done!


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


I have been following your advice with the diet and herbal medicine all along. As a result, I have seen an incredible success primarily with weight loss and general improved health.


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