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Subject: You Could Be Exhausted At The Moment Because …


YOUR NAME here! Imagine waking up every morning with a clear head, having an abundance of energy and feeling excited about the day ahead. Does this sound like a dream? Not for thousands of people around the world. It’s a daily reality.

I’m not sure if I’ve told you, but I’ve been researching why people today are suffering so much fatigue and depression … and this research led me to the thyroid.

I was stunned by what I discovered.

People, just like you and I, are innocently slowing down our thyroid … and creating life changing hypothyroidism symptoms just by what we eat and drink … and the environment we live in. We take so many things for granted these days as being “normal”, but they are actually toxic to our health.

Here’s the link to find out if you have any hypothyroidism symptoms: PUT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE.



PS – Keep an eye out tomorrow for an email from me with the subject “Do You Have Any Of These Hypothyroidism Symptoms”.

PPS – Don’t worry … hypothyroidism can be repaired: PUT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE

Email #2

Subject: Do You Have Any Hypothyroidism Symptoms?


How’d you go? Did you check out the hypothyroidism symptoms on Duncan’s website YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE.

If you didn’t get time to have a look at the site yet … that’s okay … I’ve listed some of the symptoms here … do you have any of them?

– Fatigue – it doesn’t matter how much sleep you get – it is never enough

– Lack of libido – 🙁 no desire for sex

– Depression – there’s no enthusiasm for anything

– Brain fog – can’t seem to think straight or remember things you should easily know

-Weight gain – or can’t seem to lose weight no matter what you do

Puffy face – makes you look like you have a hang over – when you haven’t been drinking

There’s also a whole host of other symptoms. You don’t have to have all the symptoms to have an under active thyroid … but if you are feeling any of the above … don’t you think it’s worth finding out what you can do about it – and get your life back.

Here’s the link again … YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE



PS – Keep an eye out tomorrow for an email from me with the subject “What If Your Blood Tests Are Normal … But Still Have Symptoms”.

PPS – Here’s the link to find out more about hypothyroidism: YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE.

Email #3

Subject: Blood Tests Are Normal … But You Still Have Symptoms?


Something I discovered in my research is that the majority of people who read this list of symptoms … pretty much can tick most of the boxes. And so they go off to their doctor – have a couple of blood tests (expecting a diagnosis) — only to be told “Your Thyroid Function is NORMAL”.

Has this happened to you?

If this has happened to you, I bet you felt gutted … and wondered what was going on!

Here’s the thing … most doctors don’t do all the tests available to make an informed diagnosis. To accurately diagnose hypothyroidism there are 7 tests that need to be done.

Not only do these accurately diagnose your condition … but they pinpoint the root cause of your symptoms, so that they can be reversed with proper treatment.

You can find out what these tests are in the YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE.



PS – Keep an eye out tomorrow for an email from me with the subject “Little Known Causes Of Hypothyroidism Wreck Havoc on Lives”.

PPS – If you want to find out the root cause of your symptoms … Here’s the link again: YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE.

Email #4

Subject: Little Known Causes Of Hypothyroidism Wreck Havoc on Lives


Apart from the traditionally known causes of hypothyroidism, there are stacks of other causes that many practitioners don’t know about.

Some of these are:


-Adrenal fatigue

-Heavy metal toxicity

-Oestrogen dominance

-Reverse T3

This is where a skilled practitioner in the area of hypothyroidism can work out exactly what is happening with your body … and can treat your root cause … not just put a band aid on your symptoms.

Thousands of people around the world are writing letters of gratitude to Duncan … some people are saying this healing protocol has saved their life … and others are saying it has given them back their life. Do you want your life back? YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE



PS – here are some comments from grateful clients:

“Thanks so much, I got the program, and while I haven’t lost much weight yet, I am AWAKE! ha ha and my TSH in two weeks quitting coffee and starting green tea and thyroid supplements has gone from 4.08 down to 2.4. I feel so much better that I have been able to start walking my dog again (I was literally too tired before). I also appreciate the updates and newsletters.”
Cathy Soda

“I am 38 years old, and was diagnosed last year with subclinical Hashimoto’s disease–not yet so bad as to require hormone therapy, but suffering lots of the symptoms such as fatigue, low moods, heavy menstruation and weight gain. From the first week on [after trying The Hypothyroidism Solution], I have had a noticeable improvement in my energy levels and moods, and in five weeks I have lost 4 kilos (9 pounds).”
Janine Campbell
Puerto Varas, Chile

“What really surprised me however were the dietary No No’s for thyroid disease. So even though I had been eating “better” I had still been eating myself sick! Thank you for this very thorough list.”
Melbourne, Australia

“I used homeopathic medicine and much more but one day my doctor asked me to have a thyroid test. A goitre was found but I was on brink of suicide and practically tried when he said he had no proper medication. Again, I was looking here and there for help when I accidently visited this website. Now I can say that it is the most beautiful accident of my life. I am again 55kg. I feel as if you have given me a new life. I can’t explain how happy I am now. I just can’t tell you sir … you are an angel. Thank you so much may GOD reward you for this favour.
Asma Liaqat

Email #5

Subject: Why Expert Hypothyroidism Advice Is Hard To Find?


Did you get my last email about “Little Known Causes Of Hypothyroidism Wreck Havoc on Lives”?

It was quite a popular one which seemed to strike a chord with a number of people. One of the questions that people have asked is … “I never know who to trust when reading information on the internet?”

Great question!

I’m right there with you. And … that’s why I was looking for a solution that was:

-Researched and written by a fully qualified naturopath

-The naturopath had to have proven success with his face to face patients

-There had to be proven success with people who bought the program online

-This person had to be recognised as a leader in this field of naturopathy

What I wasn’t expecting, but was delighted to discover with YOUR AFFILIATE LINK is that this naturopath is all of the above, plus:

-A second generation naturopath

-Internationally acclaimed

-50% of his patient load are being treated for hypothyroidism – with an exceptionally high success rate

-So … if you are suffering from any of these hypothyroidism symptoms … whether you are undiagnosed or diagnosed … get the solution to your health challenges here – YOUR AFFILIATE LINK… and you won’t look back.



PS: YOUR AFFILIATE LINK has extra healing protocols for non-hypothyroidism conditions … don’t suffer from poor health when Duncan can get you back on track!!!


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The Hypothyroidism Solution

You can feel completely confident with your purchase of “The Hypothyroidism Solution”. It gives you the tools to identify the root cause of your underactive thyroid with a guaranteed four phase treatment plan to full recovery.



“Duncan has obviously studied his subject in great detail, and this–married with his clinical successes in healing people with debilitating –gives great value to the information outlined here in this Comprehensive Report.”

Lynette Rodwell

Barnet, London, U.K.

“Thanks so much. I got the program, and while I haven’t lost much weight yet, I am AWAKE! I feel so much better that I have been able to start walking my dog again. (I was literally too tired before.)”

Cathy Soda

Georgia, USA

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